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Seamless Gutters Benefits

Seamless gutters are the way to go for homeowners everywhere. You already dread cleaning your gutters every season, so the last thing you want to see is that your sectional gutters have become damaged and broken. That’s why so many people are gravitating towards seamless gutters. The clear and obvious benefit that seamless gutters offer is that leaks are a thing of the past. With no sections comes no possibilities for the gutters to fall apart. Another benefit is that seamless gutters require less maintenance. Sectional gutters are very prone to debris build-up. Leaves and other debris can get easily caught up in the seams and will require more effort to clean them. With seamless gutters, debris cannot build up as easily inside the gutters which makes cleaning easier and quicker. With sectional gutters, you have to mix and match the sections in order to get the right fitment and length for your home.  Seamless gutters get rid of this nuisance. They’re custom made to fit the exact requirements of your home also in different sizes 5" and 6". They’ll fit nice and secure to give you the best protection from rain. Seamless gutters may be a little more expensive to install, but you’ll end up saving money in the long run because you won’t have to deal with pesky repairs and increased maintenance. Plus, they just flat out look better than sectional gutters.

If you go seamless, you’ll notice that your home will have a more sleek and clean look.

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Seamless Gutters

Why Seamless over Sectional

People often let their gutters go unnoticed and untouched. However, that’s not a very good habit to have as a homeowner. Your gutters play a key role in your home’s ability to fight against water damage and other problems associated with it. Seamless gutters are the smarter choice over traditional sectional gutters. Seamless gutters provide many benefits for homeowners.

Seamless Gutters

Seamless gutters are exactly how they seem, pun intended. There are no sections and nothing connecting one length of gutter to the next except at the corners. Any stretch of roof on your home will be protected by one solid length of gutter. This ensures that your gutters won’t leak because there are no sections held together by screws, sealants or anything else that can become loose or damaged. Seamless gutters are the popular choice for homeowners nowadays and it’s apparent as to why. No leaks equals no problems. No problems equals happy homeowner.

Sectional Gutters

Older homes will most likely feature sectional gutters as they used to be more common and are easier to install and cheaper. However, you get what you pay for. Sectional gutters are made up of different length sections that are connected by either sealant, screws, clips or a combination of any methods. While these are convenient and often found at big box home improvement stores, they’re not the best option for your home. Living in Indiana, you know that your home will experience some extreme weather conditions. You’ll need gutters that can withstand the elements and adequately drain water away from your home. Sectional gutters are made with multiple pieces which gives them multiple opportunities to fail. Oftentimes, sectional gutters will fall apart and screws or sealants become loose, causing the gutters to sag or even fall completely off your home. Once this happens, repairing them will only provide short term help. It’s only a matter of time before they become separated again.

6 Useful Benefits of

Gutter Guards

Any homeowner knows that gutter cleaning is a smelly, messy, miserable job. With 500,000 injuries from ladder accidents occurring each year, you may be very hesitant to climb up to the roof and do that dirty work.

Installing gutter guards could make regular gutter cleaning a thing of the past.

The main purpose of gutter guards is to prevent debris from gathering and blocking your gutter system. Without them, you will have to do regular cleaning and maintenance to your gutter system. You may even have to pay a professional to come clear them for you.

No matter which method you choose, cleaning gutters costs you time and money. Even though leaves and debris do eventually accumulate atop guarded gutters, they are much easier to clear off. What was once an arduous routine will become a much less time-consuming occasional task.

Soggy leaves sitting against your gutters will contribute to the corrosion and rust of your gutter system. If your gutters start to overflow with leaves onto your roofline, algae and mold can start to form in your roofing and quickly deteriorate the structural integrity of your roof, as well.

Gutter screens can add several years to the life of your gutter system and roof. This means you will protect your investment and add to the resale value of your home in the process.

Water that collects in your gutters during winter can re-freeze and create gutter dams. This problem can be exacerbated when blockages prevent partially melted ice from flowing down the gutter system. Though gutter covers cannot completely prevent ice buildup, it can significantly reduce it.

Less ice collecting in or around your gutters extends their life and helps prevent ice damage from the weight of compacted snow and icicles. A common cause of gutter damage is the weight of frozen areas pulling the gutters completely away from the house. You can reduce your risk of suffering this damage by installing guards.

Even in warmer months, guards help keep water from flowing down the sides of your home and behind the siding. Water overflow can cause extensive structural damage to your walls and contribute to mold and mildew growth. When gutters overflow, the water can cause stains on your siding and even damage the foundation of your home.

One of the unseen benefits of gutter guards is that they help prevent rodents and insects from taking up residence in your gutters. By reducing the nesting material or standing water in your gutters, you keep water flowing freely. This discourages vermin from making a home or breeding ground on your rooftop.

Gutter screens also act as a barrier against small creatures that might squeeze their way behind the gutters and fascia of your roof into the attic of your house.

If you or your neighbors frequently have bonfires or burn leaves, your home could be at a greater fire risk. Accumulation of brush and leaves in gutters are easily made into kindling when they come in contact with floating embers.

If you have a buildup of dry material clinging to your gutters, it could allow embers to light into flame and quickly spread over the roof of your home. Gutter guards can help prevent this buildup of flammable material and reduce your risk of fire.

Regular water flow through your gutters helps keep downspouts functioning freely and prevents clogs. When guards are affixed to your gutters, less material will make it through to the connection points.

Especially if you have a rainwater collection system, you’ll find your tank filling more quickly and with better-filtered water once you add covers to your gutters.


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